What is AdsLeading?
AdsLeading is an affiliate platform that provides you with publishing and offer tools to help you monetize traffic generated by you, or with the help of our tools.
How does Adsleading work?
Adsleading provides tools which allow to create and/or drive traffic to us. You may also use your own traffic. The traffic is driven to the offers which will, at some time, to be subscribed by the users.
How can I earn money?
As you will be having different types of offers you will be earning from different models. The most usual ones are CPA (per subscription), CPC (per click) and CPL (per lead) among others. Whenever one of these events takes place it is a called a conversion and you will receive money for it (visible in statistics).
How do I know which offer to use?
If you are using AsdLeading links offer optimization is done on our side. We optimize offers based on their performance assuring affiliates that they will always have the best offer for each country, carrier and operating system.
I don’t want to use an AdsLeading link but a specific offer instead. What can I do?
You have a specific place where you can see, select and apply a great variety of offers. This place is called Marketplace and you can use any of the other tools with the specific offer you choose.
Which type of traffic may I send?
In AdsLeading we work with different types of traffic. You may be a Mediabuyer and get traffic from DSP’s or ad-networks, a webmaster and have your own traffic or to drive traffic from social networks.
Your links have sometimes competitors. Why is that?
Yes, we use the competitors to study and analyze the market. It enables a better market study and we can easily choose what is the best option for you.
Can I work with Adult traffic?
AdsLeading works with all subjects. We have adult and mainstream (games, videos, sweepstakes…). The offers are divided by link types so that you can drive proper traffic for each subject.
I see many domains. Which one should I use?
We must use several domains to better organize the different categories. For example, If you are using mainstream category you have available a group of domains different from the adult category.
Can I use my own banners?
You can always use you marketing material but be sure that you respect the rules. They are imposed by the offer and country/carrier rules.
What is the eCPM?
The eCPM is the revenues per thousand clicks and is the most important parameter. Higher eCPM mean higher revenues.
How can I increase CTR?
You can increase your CTR by increasing the quality of your traffic or by using better marketing material. If the quality of both these increases it means you will have more clicks per thousand impressions thus increasing the CTR.
Do you have a support team?
Yes. You can write an email to the support and we will reply as soon as possible to your email.
What payment methods have you available in AdsLeading?
We have bank transfers and electronic payments. The electronic payments available in AdsLeading are Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum, FirstChoice and eventually Payza.
Do I have to wait a week or a month to have my payment processed?
No. We will pay each affiliate in NET5. It means that we will process your payment in a maximum period of 5 days depending on the chosen payment method.
What is a Mediabuyer?
A mediabuyer is an affiliate that invests on buying traffic rather than generating traffic. The Mediabuyer buys traffic from different ad-networks or DSP’s and redirects it to the offers he wants to promote.
Can I be one of your advertisers?
Yes, you can. If you have your own offer do not hesitate to contact us.
I am a webmaster but I want to buy traffic as well. Should I create a new account?
No, there is no problem using the same account. We will only advise you to create different links to separate the different sources of traffic. This helps to better analyse the sources of traffic.
I work with social networks. Is that a problem?
No, not at all. If you follow the rules imposed by the offers, in particular, banners and images, most of the offers will allow this type of traffic. If you work with the offers you have in the rules on the description.
I want to have a better CR, what can I do?
A great conversion rate can be achieved by increasing the quality of your landing page. If you can do a landing page that engages well the user into your product, the landing page will be just a step forward in the conversion.
What is a pre-lander/landing page?
It is a webpage where the user falls into after the action on your promotion tool (banner, post…). After this pre-lander also called landing page sometimes, the user is redirected to the landing page of the offer where they will decide if they will want the product.
How can I redirect my user from my landing page to the offer’s landing page?
You can use several buttons also called call to action buttons.
I made registration but I cannot login. Have I made a mistake?
All the accounts need a review process. We are reviewing it and as soon as possible we will answer to your request by email.
I get an error when I am logged into AdsLeading. What should I do?
Write to us an email with your user id and the error you have received. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible.