Payment Policy

AdsLeading is an advertising platform that pays its publishers through the Cost per Action (CPA) model, which includes actions such as app or game installations, registrations, purchases, among others. Our payment policy is designed to ensure transparency and efficiency in the payment process to publishers for actions generated through their websites and applications.

Weekly payments:

  • AdsLeading makes payments to publishers on a weekly basis.
  • The payment to publishers will be based on the information collected in the platform reports.

Payment delays:

  • AdsLeading will do its best to ensure that payments are made in a timely manner.
  • However, there may be delays in payment due to additional verifications, intermediaries, and other reasons.
  • In such cases, AdsLeading will make every effort to notify publishers with adequate notice.

Minimum payment:

  • The minimum payment for publishers is 50 euros.
  • If the payment to a publisher is less than 50 euros, it will accumulate for the next payment period until the required minimum is reached.

Applicable commissions:

  • All applicable commissions in the payment process are the responsibility of the publishers.
  • AdsLeading is not responsible for the applicable commissions or their consequences.

Incorrect payment information:

  • It is the responsibility of the publisher to provide correct and up-to-date payment information.
  • In case the publisher provides incorrect payment information, AdsLeading is not responsible for the wrong transfer of funds.


  • AdsLeading reserves the right to deduct the necessary amount from payments to publishers in case of detecting fraud.
  • Publishers accept and agree with this policy when using the platform.

This payment policy is an integral part of the AdsLeading terms and conditions. By using the platform, publishers accept and agree with this payment policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our payment policy, please do not hesitate to contact AdsLeading.