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Terms of Use


    Signing up with AdsLeading creates a legal bind between the company and the client. When you sign up, you acknowledge that you read and agree to the private policy and all the terms and conditions described below. AdsLeading reserves the right to modify the terms and policies whenever necessary and for justified reasons. The modifications to the conditions will appear in the AdsLeading website ( www.AdsLeading.com ) and send by email.

    1. The AdsLeading domains ( www.AdsLeading.com ...other domains) are registered in name of the company.

    2. When you register the company, you will be considered an affiliate or client of the company that uses our services.

    3. AdsLeading is a company that delivers solutions for clients. The tools may be offers, design or programs which allow to efficiently monetize the traffic own by the client.

    4. The client agrees that it may be contacted by email or other channels.

    5. To make the registration you need to have a minimum of 18 years old, to be within your full capacity to make a business agreement and that you have read and comprehended the present conditions.

  2. Services

    1. The client may choose which advertising tool wants to use to send traffic to AdsLeading links.

    2. The affiliate will provide traffic for the AdsLeading links which will show the correspondent advertising, always with the best performance according with the Country, carrier and OS of the traffic source.

    3. The client will be paid in different models (CPA/CPL/CPI/CPC) according with the best offer model, for that particular traffic source.

    4. The client compromises to use the tools and promote such sites and services in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

    5. AdsLeading has a fraud department that investigates and combats fraud schemes. AdsLeading may retain money from fraud behavior, if proved, to help to pay fines and preserve the company good name on the market. The company reserves also the right to block the account of the affiliate in case of proven fraud.

    6. Each party shall always cooperate with the other in good faith.

    7. In case of doubts, affiliates should contact AdsLeading, which will indicate the best solutions with respect to the advertising space.

  3. The platform

    1. Detailed revenues, visits and conversions are all available in the AdsLeading platform under stats.

    2. Tools available for affiliates are present on the different menus of the platform. The tools belong to the company and only with the AdsLeading approval can be used for other ends than monetization with our company.

    3. Any modifications on the platform will be reported, as soon as possible, in the platform by email or other contact ways.

  4. Rates and payment conditions

    1. AdsLeading will pay 80% of the revenue of each transaction/conversion independent of the offer model.

    2. The total revenues of the affiliate and the present balance are available in the AdsLeading platform.

    3. First users must reach a minimum amount of 100€ in the first payment. In very exceptional cases, we may allow 50€.

    4. The client may ask a payment at any anytime and the payment will be processed in the 5 next days.

    5. To have access to the payments request option Individuals need to present ID and proof of direction. Companies must present the company certificate.

    6. There is a program of referred in AdsLeading. AdsLeading will pay an additional 5% generated by the referred third party publisher for 1 month. If both affiliates are active on the platform a monthly renewal is made with a maximum duration of 12 months. At the end of the program, if the revenues made by the both affiliates are higher than a monthly average of 12K € the program is renewed.

    7. The referred needs to register using a specific link given on the AdsLeading platform and to be a newly non-fraudulent individual or company and not a pre-existing one.

    8. The revenues made by the % of the referrer will be displayed in the stats.

  5. The contract duration

    1. The present Agreement shall have its beginning in the registration date and last until the client fails to respect any of the clauses written in this contract.

    2. AdsLeading or client may terminate the Agreement at any time forthwith by written notice to the other if:

      1. The other party breach this Agreement in an irremediable way.

      2. The other party becomes bankrupt, insolvent, enters liquidation whether voluntary or compulsory, passes a resolution for its winding up or an order is made or a resolution is passed for the winding-up of the other party.

    3. Neither Party shall have any remedy against the other based on the termination of this Agreement. The termination of the present Agreement shall be without prejudice to the rights of either party accrued at the date of such termination.

  6. Personal data non-disclosure

    1. All the data, documents and personal information are “Confidential Information” and it will be protected by all reasonable and necessary security measures.

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